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Start Your Blog for Free : Best Platforms

Best Platforms to Start Your Blogging Career Hey all how you doing! Hope everything going in your way. Many of you would be looking for a ...

Mayank Pathak 8 Jul, 2021

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How to Restore or Recover Deleted Files

There have been some times when we go for deleting some of the other files, Photos, Videos, Images, Folder and whatnot from our devices bu...

Mayank Pathak 20 Oct, 2021

Locating Maps using Python

Locating_maps_using_ipython and Jupyter Notebook In this post, we will be looking to get and print some of the maps using the jupyter note...

Mayank Pathak 11 Oct, 2021

Replace character of a string

Replace a Particular Character in a given string In this post, we will be discussing the  Program to Replace a character with a special ch...

Mayank Pathak 2 Oct, 2021

Hidden Websites to increase Productivity

Hidden Websites that Everyone should know to Ease their task - Surprising Results👷‍♂️ Hey all, Hope that all are doing well and finding som...

Mayank Pathak 14 Aug, 2021

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